19-20 October 2023

On the 19th and 20th of October, the eCREAM team met in Heraklion (Crete) at Museum of Natural History to discuss the progress of the project and the next steps.
The main topics were:
• Use Case 1 – Final CRF (Dyspnoea and Transient Loss of Consciousness)
• Use Case 2 – Physician and patient dashboards
Thanks to the entire Greek team and everyone who participated. Let’s keep working!

4-5 April 2023

On the 4th and 5th of April, the eCREAM team met in Maribor at the University Medical Centre to discuss the progress of the project and the next steps.
The main topics were:

  • Use case one – Dyspnoea and Transient loss of consciousness
  • Structural data
  • ELSI – Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues
  • EHR – data flows and actors
  • NLP and Data extractor

We look forward to meeting everyone again in person. You can find all the meeting material on the “Events” page. Thanks to the entire Slovenian team and everyone who participate. Let’s keep working!

30 November 2022
Since eCREAM is a project funded by the European Commission, it is very important to report all the steps done during the progress of the 5 years.

The first deadline was after three months from the beginning: it was necessary to upload on the Participant Portal the Consortium Agreement, the Risk and management and quality Plan and the website of the project.

Thanks to the collaboration of all the partners, this deadline was met and the first three deliverables are available to whom interested.
7 November 2022

On the 7th of November 2022 “Innovative Tools for Electronic Health Records and patient registries” (InToEHR) cluster met in Bruxelles. The joint activities of a cluster, may include:

  • The exchange of knowledge;
  • The development and adoption of harmonised approaches or good practices;
  • The participation in and organization of joint workshops, including trainings;
  • Joint communication and dissemination activities and products, such as policy briefs and reports, position paper(s) and white paper(s).

eCREAM Consortium is happy to be part of this cluster: we are looking forward to see the first realizations of different working groups!

1st September 2022

eCREAM finally began!

This 5-year project funded by the European Commission officially started on the 1st September 2022.

It will last until the 31st of August 2027: during this time the eCREAM Consortium has the ambitious aim to reduce the distance between scientific research and clinical practice in Emergency Medicine.