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Case study 1

There is significant heterogeneity in the decision to hospitalise patients from the emergency department (ED). In this study, the Consortium aims at evaluating the propensity to hospitalise patients of the participating EDs, comparing the hospitalisation rate after adjusting for the differences among the case-mixes of the centres. An accurate and adjusted measure of the hospitalisation rate will be used to investigate the association between attitude of ED disposition decision and a short-term clinical outcome (i.e., 30-day survival).

Primary objectives:

To evaluate the feasibility of the automated extraction from ED EHRs of the characteristics deemed essential for the benchmarking model predicting the ED disposition decision.


For patients presenting with loss of consciousness or dyspnea at ED arrival, to evaluate whether the extracted information from unstructured sources of the EHRs add relevant predictive information to the characteristics that can be obtained from structured sources.


To provide the participating EDs with an adjusted comparison of the hospitalisation rate for the patients with selected symptoms.

Secondary objective:

To assess the association of the constructed indicator with 30-day survival.